SEO Services

I offer quality white-hat Search Engine Optimization that will bring you the very best guaranteed results! I have personally been involved in optimizing websites on and off-page for many years and I believe my team can bring you to the first position for whatever keyword you want to rank for. This is a long-term strategy that should start showing its true power within the first few months. It involves us finding niche-specific content to link to your website. We will also write articles, guest post and create web 2.0 properties. We will then build links to these links to create a multi-tiered solution that will move you higher up the search engine results. Just ask for a quote!

Web Design

Whether it be a website, Facebook page or any other content that you could possibly imagine – my design and development team can bring it to fruition. It is incredibly important especially in today’s technologically inclined audience that you have a website that looks and feels professional. You could be missing out on thousands of potential customers who are going to your competition because they are more up-to-date!

Website Hosting

We have the highest quality website hosting with top-notch support happy to help 24/7. You always get what you pay for in this industry. Our hosting packages are incredibly affordable and come in three different packages. All of them feature incredibly fast load times and guaranteed to be online 99.9% of the time. Our support team is always more than happy to walk you through your options and recommend the best solution for your situation.


Just a little bit more about me

My company is JDF SEO and we provide complete solutions for businesses on the internet. If you want to bring your business online don’t look any further! If you have not started marketing your company on the internet you are missing out on thousands (up to hundreds of thousands) of potential customers that could choose the competition because they are easier to find. It is critical that you have a good looking website, a powerful social media presence and are displaying for keywords that are going to bring in leads or sales. Our team has succeeded in ranking clients for competitive keywords and increasing monthly sales volume exponentially for many websites. I also run and operate a network of my own personal websites that generate advertising revenue. I use these websites to perform case studies and figure out really works so that I can implement the same techniques on clients. There is no one best way to go about working in this industry so it is best to know what works and what doesn’t to make sure everything is done as efficiently as humanly possible. What are you waiting for? You can always call me or reach out to our team on the company website. We would love to hear what you are looking for and will always provide a number of options with expected results based on them.